Gastrointestinal and Pediatric Surgery

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 Professor:Yoshiyuki Fujiwara
 Professor : Toshimichi Hasegawa
 Associate Professor : Teruhisa Sakamoto
 Junior Associate Professor : Shuichi Takano
 Junior Associate Professor : Naruo Tokuyasu
 Junior Associate Professor : Manabu Yamamoto
 Assistant Professor : Tomoyuki Matsunaga
 Assistant Professor : Kyoichi Kihara
 Assistant Professor : Kozo Miyatani
 Assistant Professor : Takehiko Hanaki
 Assistant Professor : Yuji Shishido
 Assistant Professor : Yuki Murakami
 Assistant Professor : Yusuke Kono
 Assistant Professor : Shota Shimizu
 Assistant Professor : Keisuke Goto

Outline of the Department

Our department is in charge of research in the areas of gastroenterological surgery, breast surgery, and pediatric surgery. We perform basic research investigating the pathophysiology of the esophagus/stomach, colon, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, and mammary glands in adults and children as well as basic research involving cancer therapy.
Main Research Themes and Initiatives of the Department

(1) Basic research for the treatment of gastroenterological cancer
(i) Development of immunotherapy with the use of and tumor-infiltrating dendritic cells and lymphocytes for the treatment of advanced cancer.
(ii) Basic research for siRNA-based cancer therapy.
(iii) Development of patient-specific anti-cancer vaccine treatment.

(2) Development of legitimate surgical treatments for gastroenterological cancer
(i) Endoscopic application of sentinel lymph node mapping in esophageal and stomach cancer.
(ii) Development of preventive therapy for cancerous peritonitis in advanced cancer with the use of laparoscopically performed repeated intraperitoneal chemotherapy.
(iii) Study of prophylactic hepatic arterial- and portal-infusion chemotherapy following surgery for colon cancer.
(iv) Development of functional rectal sparing techniques used in rectal cancer surgery.

(3) Individualized cancer therapy initiatives  
(i) Study of cell proliferation activity and gene mutation in gastroenterological cancer and application of the study results for cancer chemotherapy.
(ii) Flow cytometric determination of the degree of malignancy in colon cancer.
(iii) Clinical application of dendritic cell immunotherapy for locally advanced pancreatic/gall bladder cancer.