Cardiovascular Surgery

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Associate Professor: Yasushi Yoshikawa (Cardiovascular Surgery)
Assistant Professor: Yuichiro Kishimoto (Cardiovascular Surgery)
Assistant Professor: Takeshi Onohara (Cardiovascular Surgery)
Assistant Professor: Kunitaka Kumagai (Cardiovascular Surgery)
Assistant Professor: Naoki Sumi (Cardiovascular Surgery)
Assistant Professor: Yuki Sakaguchi (Cardiovascular Surgery)
Assistant Professor: Nozomi Kishimoto(CardiovascularSurgery)
Medical Doctor: Yosuke Ikeda
Medical Doctor: Yuki Yoshikawa
Medical Doctor: Kazuma Yamane

Features of the Division

The clinically oriented Division of Organ Regeneration Surgery focuses on surgical subspecialties, including cardiovascular (CV) surgery, general thoracic surgery, and breast and endocrine surgery. The cardiovascular surgery team not only serves as a main CV surgical center for the area, but also specializes in aorta surgery (including endovascular surgery) and the surgical treatment of heart failure from various causes. The general thoracic surgery team is well known for its sophisticated endoscopic surgical techniques, operatingperforming most surgical cases under thoracoendoscopeically. The breast and endocrine surgery team is also highly proficient in minimally invasive surgery, including breast-preservingbreast-conserving surgery, mastectomy, partial thyroidectomy by small incision, and endoscopic adrenal surgery.