Ophthalmology and Visual Science

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Professor : Yoshitsugu Inoue
Associate Professor: Dai Miyazaki
Junior Associate Professor: Takashi Baba
Junior Associate Professor : Shin-ichi Sasaki
Assistant Professor : Chizu Touge
Assistant Professor : Tomoko Haruki
Assistant Professor : Koudai Inata
Assistant Professor : Ryu Uotani
Assistant Professor : Hitomi Miyake

Features of the Department

Researchers in the Division of Ophthalmology and Visual Science have conducted a large number of clinical and basic research studies on the eye, the organ that provides humans with more than 80% of their information about the outside world. Our research targets include all areas along the visual pathway, from the ocular surface including the conjunctiva and cornea to the visual center of the occipital lobe. All members of the department have a subspecialty. Our staff have fulfilling research careers and enjoy discussions with motivated graduate students.