Adult and Elderly Nursing

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Professor: Hideyuki Kataoka
Professor: Masami Chujo
Professor: Chika Tanimura   chika01@
Associate Professor: Yoko Miyoshi
Junior Associate Professor: Keiko Oba
Junior Associate Professor: Yoshimi Noguchi
Assistant Professor: Chieko Sakai
Assistant Professor: Junko Yoshimura
Assistant Professor: Yoshiyuki Hasegawa

Features of the Department

The Department of Adult and Elderly Nursing aims to provide education and conduct research related to the nursing of people in the adult and elderly stages of life.
Students in the department are trained in medical and surgical nursing, aged care and palliative care.
In addition, students are trained with a nursing approach to help elderly people adapt to their disabilities, and regain function.
The courses in our department will provide students with the opportunity to explore and analyze nursing topics given below.

Research areas

(1) Adult Acute Nursing
● Care for patients and families with acute diseases
● Care of patients and families in critical conditions
● Care of patients and families in the perioperative period
● Care for patients and spouses with breast cancer

(2) Adult Chronic Nursing
● Care of people with chronic diseases
● Care for patients with osteoarthritis
● Care for patients with diabetes
● Scale development
● Support for the acquisition of self-management behaviors
● Support for improving QOL
● Research for the improvement of education in the field of chronic nursing

(3) Gerontological Nursing
● Applications of Information and Communication Technology for nursing education
● Simulation-based education for nursing student
● Care of elderly people with health disabilities
● Measuring health-related quality of life
● Decision making support process for elderly drivers
● Unnatural death in older adult
● Care for dementia
● Physical activity and self-care agency
● Prevention of frailty
● Ethical issues