Women's & Children's Family Nursing

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Professor:Keiichi Hanaki         hanaki@tottori-u.ac.jp
Professor:Yasue Suzuki         ysuzuki@tottori-u.ac.jp
Professor:Kumiko Sasaki        ksasaki@tottori-u.ac.jp
Assistant Professor:Shunsuke Kanayama s-kanayama@tottori-u.ac.jp
Assistant Professor:Takako Otani  o.taka-67@tottori-u.ac.jp
Assistant Professor:Asami Oshima  asami-o@tottori-u.ac.jp

Features of the Department

The focus of the women’s family nursing division is on the nursing care and support required for mothers and families with health problems often seen in the age group, based on a viewpoint of gender and reproduction through their life. The topics include health problems and sex education in adolescents, nursing care for mothers and neonates during pregnancy and childbirth, and postmenopausal health problems.
In the children’s family nursing division, the focus is to provide the nursing care and support required for children with health problems often seen in childhood, on the basis of an understanding of growth/development in childhood and the home/family environment. The topics include health problems, especially due to developmental disability, and rehabilitation for chronic illness in childhood.
An aspect of family nursing is common both to the two divisions. That is to study family behaviors such as pregnancy, childbirth, childcare and growth, based on the perspective of the functioning of family members and the relationship between family and society.

Study Areas

• Child health, nursing for children and family members.
• Child health and the prevention of life-style related diseases.
• Management of diabetes and obesity in childhood.
• Family nursing in childhood.
• Growth disturbance and hormonal/metabolic diseases in childhood.
• Care for developmental disability.
• Nursing of expectant women, nursing mothers and the family at each stage in the life-cycle of women.
• Health during pregnancy, childbirth, and the puerperium period.
• Emotional care and counseling for patients suffering from infertility.
• Health of children.
• Sexual problems, pregnancy and childbirth in young women.