Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

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Professor : Kazunori Fujiwara
Nursing Professor: Hideyuki Kataoka
Associate Professor : Takahiro Fukuhara
Junior Associate Professor : Yosuke Nakamura
Junior Associate Professor : Hiroaki Yazama
Assistant Professor : Kenkichiro Taira
Assistant Professor : Satoshi Koyama
Assistant Professor : Tsuyosi Morisaki


Features of the Department

The Division of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery aims to provide treatment to patients and education to residents and students. Our staff are specialized in various research areas and surgical operations, including robotic surgery and navigation surgery. We offer postgraduate courses and the option to study abroad (e.g. in the USA, Italy, Germany, and China). In addition, we also offer a highly specialized training course in collaboration with hospitals affiliated with the division. We actively perform difficult operations, e.g. skull base surgery for acoustic tumors, endoscopic surgery for thyroid tumor. On March 2010, we successfully performed endoscopic thyroidectomy with da Vinci, a surgical assistance robot, in collaboration with the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Research areas

Robotic surgery
Endoscopic surgery on thyroid tumor
Operation to improve dysphagia
Voice reconstruction
Chemotherapy for head and neck cancer
Imprinting gene and tumor suppressor gene in head and neck cancer
Tumor suppression effect of ceramide
Ultrasonography of the neck
Mechanism of allergic reaction
Endoscopic sinus surgery
Navigation surgery
Artificial inner ear
Water metabolism in the inner ear
Pathology of endolymphatic hydrops
Measurement of the vibration of the tympanic membrane
Skull base surgery
Operation for sleep apnea syndrome
Regeneration of recurrent laryngeal nerve