Orthopedic Surgery



 Professor:  Hideki Nagashima
 Clinical professor: (Sports Medical Center)  Makoto Enokida 
 Associate professor: (Department of Rehabilitation) Mari Osaki  
 Junior associate professor:  Shinji Tanishima
 Junior associate professor:  Kensaku Yamaga
 Junior associate professor:  Keita Nagira
 Assistant professor:  Ikuta Hayashi
 Assistant professor:  Tokumitsu Mihara
 Assistant professor:  Chikako Takeda
 Assistant professor:  Haruhisa Kanaya
 Assistant professor:  Shinpei Enokida
 Assistant professor: (Department of Rehabilitation) Koji Ishida

Features of the Department

 Orthopedics is the study of the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic doctors are specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of problems of the musculoskeletal system from childhood to old age, including joint and spinal diseases. The number of patients suffering from osteoarthritis, spondylosis, and osteoporosis has increased in recent years because of a rapidly aging society. Our clinical practice and basic and clinical research focuses on these disorders.

Research areas

Rheumatoid arthritis
•Mechanisms of bone and joint destruction
•Control of arthritis with drugs

•Mechanism of cartilage degeneration

Bone metabolism
•Clinical study of outcomes of osteoporosis using a bone densitometer
•Mechanisms and drug effects on osteoporosis using experimental models

Joint surgery
•Arthroscopic surgery, osteotomy, and joint replacement

Bone and soft tissue tumor
•Limb salvage sparing procedures for bone and soft tissue sarcoma

Spine and spinal cord diseases
•Biochemical study of cerebrospinal fluid

Application of reconstructive surgery
•Congenital abnormality of the extremity
•Amputated extremity and soft tissue defects