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Professor : Yoshihisa Umekita
Associate professor : Masako Kato
Junior associate professor : Kanae Nosaka
Junior associate professor : Kuwamoto Satoshi
Assistant professor : Tomohiko Sakabe
Assistant professor (Hospital) : Makishima Karen
Assistant professor (Hospital) : Kohei Ikeda
Senior Resident (Hospital) : Hiroshi Ishii
Senior Resident  (Hospital) : Naoko Nouchi
Project professor : Kazuhiko Hayashi
Assistan technical staff : Eiko Sugihara

Features of the Department

As a preclinical department, our mission is to provide an academic research environment that enables our faculty, students, fellows and staff to excel. Our overarching goal is to advance fundamental understandings of the pathology and pathophysiological mechanisms of disease, and to supply this knowledge to others through medical teaching and publication, as well as collaboration with clinical medicine.
  We routinely undertake histopathological diagnosis. We take a large number of biopsies and surgical specimens from Tottori University Hospital. Autopsy is also conducted in the department.
  In addition, the Department has a major yearly commitment to training over 100 undergraduate students in medicine and life sciences.

Research areas

  • Pathological and molecular analysis of the development, progression and metastasis of lung and breast cancer
  • Clinicopathological analysis of extra-mammary Paget’s disease and other skin tumors