Nursing Care Environment and Mental Health

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Professor: Haruyo Matsuura
Associate Professor: Yukiko Kaneda
Associate Professor: Yuko Nishina
Junior Associate Professor: Michiko Saiga
Junior Associate Professor: Satomi Takama
Assistant Professor: Yuki Abe

Features of the Department

The Department of Nursing Care Environment and Mental Health provides nursing education in three major areas: public health nursing, home care nursing, and psychiatric nursing. In addition, the department plays a role in providing education for public health nurses. People with various levels of health live within the community, including healthy individuals, patients undergoing medical treatment in the home, and patients with mental disorders. As such, our students are taught fundamental theory and practical methods necessary for effective nursing practice. Our tuition focuses on both the physical and mental aspects of health, with the aim of improving levels of health and promoting recovery from impairments and disabilities. We focus on multiple levels, including the individual, family and community. As features of the course, our students carry out lectures, practice, and practical training in the community, in addition to studying regional cooperation and promoting the creation of a community system.

Research areas

(1) Public health nursing
 Applying the concept and research of health promotion to public health nursing practice
 Practical use and possible applications of focus group interview methods
 Childcare support provided by public health nurses
 Preventive care of bedridden patients
 The role of public health nurses in local government

(2) Home care nursing
Study of home health care nursing practice
Development of home care nursing competencies in basic nursing education

(3) Psychiatric and mental health nursing
 Mental health and stress management in the school and workplaces
 Social participation and rehabilitation of people with mental disorders and intellectual disabilities
 The role of family nursing, family associations and self-help groups in psychiatric nursing