Fundamental Nursing

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Professor: FUKADA, Mika
Associate Professor: ANDO, Yasunori
Associate Professor: KASAGI, Noriko
Associate Professor: OKUDA, Reiko
Junior Associate Professor: WILTSHIRE, Timothy Lewis
Junior Associate Professor: FUJIHARA, Yukiko
Assistant Professor: YAMAMOTO, Youko

Features of the Department

Fundamental Nursing is an academic field that investigates the principles and essence of nursing, and provides education on basic knowledge about the objectives and goals of nursing and methods of nursing practice. In undergraduate education, we provide education in basic nursing science, livelihood assistance, seminars on nursing theory, seminars on the process of basic nursing practice, healthy life support practicum, health promotion practicum, etc.

In our educational activities, we foster and support students' interests and curiosity, placing importance on the total learning experience which involves "noticing", "knowing", "doing", "trying," and "deepening" so that they can reflect on their own learning and growing as learners. In graduate school, our course focuses on major nursing issues providing instruction in special nursing courses and seminars in life function, etc. and we support our graduate students in experiencing the joy of discovering new knowledge through research.

In our research, we conduct quality of life evaluations, analyses and epidemiological studies in order to contribute to the support of a high quality of life for each individual.  We are also working on research on the acquisition of reflexive skills and the development of greater professionalism in order to support the career development of nurses.

Research on collaboration among medical practitioners in genetic medicine, new research on thanatology, and research on the construction of new biomedical philosophies are distinctive features of this department.

Main Research Themes 

1. Research on DX (Digital Transformation) in Nursing Education
We are engaged in motion analysis of everyday living techniques using motion capture and eye tracking, and development of video teaching materials.

2. Research on career development
We are conducting research on social development and self-regulated learning of students studying nursing, and support for clinical nurses deepening their ability to reflect on their work.

3. Research on health awareness and health behavior related to locomotor organs
Students conduct research on the health and health behaviors of local residents regarding locomotion, and self-care support for patients with locomotory diseases such as osteoporosis and lumbar spondylosis.

4. Research on genetic counseling
Research is done on client's (patient's) awareness of genetic medicine and cooperation among medical professionals.

5. Research on nursing client's with cancer and cancer screening
The research here is aimed at early detection and support of people living with cancer.  We also conduct research on cancer screening behaviors and hospital admission and discharge support for cancer patients.

6. Studies on the communication skills of university students and their mental health
We are conducting research on improving communication skills and forming interpersonal relationships among university students, and research on nurturing the state of mind through mental health.

7. Research on bioethics and medical ethics
Going beyond conventional bioethics and medical ethics debates, our students conduct research aimed at constructing a new thanatology and medical philosophy that questions the value and meaning of human life".

8. Research in foreign language, English education
Students work at effective foreign language communication focusing mostly on English in order to improve their communication with non-Japanese speakers through classes with native-speaker instructors and practicum in the medical field.