Environmental and Preventive Medicine



Professor: Yoneatsu Osaki
Junior associate professor: Aya Kinjo
Assistant professor: Yuki Kuwabara

Features of the Division

In the Division of Environmental and Preventive Medicine, we consider human health to involve dynamic interactions among various factors related to the host, agent and environment. We engage in education and research focused on the prevention of disease and the maintenance and promotion of health. We seek  to contribute to society by improving factors that promote these goals. We aim to strengthen the understanding of health, from a comprehensive perspective, by acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge about the prevention of disease and the promotion of health.

Research areas

(1)Epidemiological survey on the control of tobacco and alcohol consumption-related disorders (based on a large-scale national survey): we are examining the effects of various related factors and the environmental factors of the control of smoking and alcohol consumption. We participated in an epidemiological survey as part of a large-scale nationwide investigation. Our current projects include:

• An investigation into the environmental factors surrounding adolescent alcohol consumption and smoking
• Research on the prevention of adolescent alcohol consumption
• A national survey examining the current status of adult alcohol consumption
• A national survey of countermeasures against smoking practiced by public health centers and cities, towns and villages

  Click here for materials on moderate drinking and counseling
  1. Leaflet (English)   2. Brief Intervention worksheet (English)

(2) Epidemiological study of cancer prevention utilizing the Tottori Prefecture Regional Cancer Registry System:

• Cooperating with the Tottori Prefecture Regional Cancer Registry System to investigate cancer incidence in the local community and research preventive strategies

(3) Research on school health, industrial health, and community health: we run programs for life-style related disease prevention for elementary and junior high schools, mental health and health care on the job, as well as, conducting research supporting the “Healthy Japan 21” and promoting the “Healthy Parent and Child 21” initiatives of the Japanese government. Our current projects include:

• Research into the prevention of life-style related diseases starting in childhood
• Research into the promotion of the “Healthy Parent and Child 21” initiative in the local community
• Research into the role of public health centers in promoting the “Healthy Japan 21” initiative
• Elderly cohort study in the local community aimed at preventing the need for care
• Research into mental health and healthcare on the job
• Cohort study regarding the variance of individual advance care planning (ACP) with time and the consistency between actual end-of-life care and ACP among elderly people

(4)Advice and support about Epidemiologic and Clinical Epidemiologic research:we could provide advice on study design, statistics and clinical epidemiology for clinicians, public health nurses and the other health care professionals. Furthermore, Postgraduate students who have various backgrounds such as anesthesiology, nursing, obstetrics/gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, and public health are registered in Ph.D course. We are willing to invite postgraduate students who are interested in public health and epidemiologic research to our department. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.