Department of Dementia Prevention

Professor's room 81-859-38-7585
Assistant Professor's and office 81-859-38-7586
FAX 81-859-38-7587
Professor Katsuya Urakami
Assistant Professor Yuki Shimoda
Administrative assistant Yuriko Watanabe
Features of the Division
This course comprehensively provides education, research, and community contributions related to dementia prevention. It is estimated that the number of patients with dementia will exceed 7 million by 2025 (1 in 5 people aged 65 and over), and dementia prevention measures have not been waited for. Through education, we foster human resources involved in dementia prevention, and in research we aim to create evidence for dementia prevention and utilize it in local initiatives.
Research areas
We plan to conduct research that will lead to the creation of evidence for the prevention of dementia. Specifically, development of tools that lead to early detection of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) (smell test, etc.), development of non-pharmacotherapy (aromatherapy, foods, supplements, etc.) that can be expected to be effective in preventing dementia. ,etc.