Developmental Biology

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 Professor : Takashi Takeuchi
 Associate professor : Gembu Abe 
 Assistant professor : Haruka Matsubara

Features of the Division

The Division of Biosignaling has two main research focuses. Students undertaking post-graduate and under-graduate (final year) courses receive training in both research areas.
1. Developmental biology
We seek to gain an understanding of how the body is developed and maintained, and the factors determining the capacity for regeneration. To this end, we are researching the mechanisms regulating cellular proliferation during and after development in mammals, and during regeneration in newts, which possess a strong regenerative capacity. In particular, we are currently investigating differences in proliferative ability between mammals and newts. This research seeks to elucidate the mechanisms underlying regeneration, to provide a foundation for novel regenerative medicine techniques.

2. Translational endocrinology
We have conducted translational research in the field of endocrinology in collaboration with clinical departments at the Tottori University Hospital. Two ongoing projects on the pathophysiology of endometriosis and gastric cancer focus on the expression of the estrogen intracrine P450 system and nuclear receptors. We recently demonstrated the involvement of an epigenetic disorder in these chronic diseases. We use an epigenetic approach in the hope of developing appropriate markers for diagnosis and therapy.

Research areas

1. Developmental biology
 Cardiac development
 Regulation of cell proliferation during and after development
 Regulation of regeneration
 Development of novel technology for regenerative medicine
 Functions of Jumonji and members of the Jumonji family

2. Translational endocrinology
 Pathophysiology of endometriosis and gastric cancer
 Molecular basis of epigenetic disorder in the intracrine system
 Development of epigenetic markers for diagnosis and therapy
 Molecular and cellular biology of epigenetic markers