Professor: Toshiyuki Kaidoh
Associate professor: Hironobu Nakane
Associate professor: Takao Mukuda
Assistant professor: Kenji Okazaki
Assistant professor: Yuka Koyama
Assistant professor: Sawako Hamasaki
Project researcher: Sumire Inaga
Assistant administrative staff: Hisano Sawaguchi

Features of the Division

The Department of Anatomy presently serves two major roles: teaching human anatomy to medical and paramedical students, and conducting cutting edge research.
We believe that the teaching of gross and microscopic anatomy is an essential element of medical education. Dissection of the human body provides indispensable knowledge of three-dimensional structures of various organs and tissues. Our goal is for our medical students to be able to apply the anatomical knowledge they have learned to future clinical situations.
Our main research areas are ultrastructural morphology, molecular biology, genome science, and gross anatomy.

Present research topics

・Immunoelectron microscopic analysis of mechanoreceptors
・Gross anatomical analysis to highlight anatomically and morphogenetically important cases
・Application of low-vacuum scanning electron microscope to the rapid analysis of renal biopsy samples
・Three-dimensional analysis of the ultrastructure of metaphase chromosomes
・Analysis of genetic animal models of Xeroderma pigmentosum and Cockayne syndrome
・Morphological analysis on human bones excavated from archaeological sites