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School of Life Sciences


Training personnel to learn advanced biomedical sciences and to serve as pioneers in various bioscience technology


Course Objectives

To make significant contributions to the advancement of medical science, the School of Life Sciences at Tottori University Faculty of Medicine seeks to elucidate various biological phenomena and provides research and education that promotes technological innovation for cutting-edge medical treatments.

List of Courses

Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Division of Molecular Biology
By understanding mechanism of gene regulation, we seek to elucidate the biological systems leading to the progression or recovery of disease.
Division of Molecular and Cell Genetics
Using the world's first human artificial chromosome technology, we are contributing to regenerative medicine and to the treatment of genetic disorders.
Division of Immunology
We are aiming to elucidate the mechanisms that would allow us to overcome pathogenic infections without incurring further damage to health [[We have changed the wording slightly in the English as the tissues in our body are injured to some extent by pathogens (a biological agent causing disease) before we can kill them; thus we used “without incurring further damage to health. Please confirm]]
Division of Human Genome Science
We are attempting to ascertain how genetic information or chromosome sets are precisely inherited in order to contribute to the prevention of chromosome diseases.
Department of Biomedical Sciences
Division of Biosignaling
We are working to achieve regeneration of adult cardiomyocytes through an understanding of the reasons why they do not regenerate.
Division of Pathological Biochemistry
We are developing new cancer prevention methods by elucidating why malignant cancer develops and metastasizes.
Division of Neurobiology
We are investigating how the human brain develops and if we can rescue declining brain functions.

Course Characteristics

The School of Life Sciences is an unique school established in medical school, and educational courses for four years. Forty students graduate from our school each year, going on to work as key medical personnel in research and education on biomedical sciences.
The Master’s (postgraduate) and PhD (doctoral) programs offer more specialized courses.

The Graduate School of Medical Sciences

Please click here for detailed information about the entrance exam for post graduate school (this will take you to the Tottori University webpage)

□Admission for the General Public
Members of the general public can choose to major in “Life Sciences” or in “Regenerative Medicine and Biofunction” at the Graduate School of Medical Sciences. Admittance of the general public employed by companies or academic/research institutions is permitted while working. Before submitting an admission authorization form (optional form) from your supervisor, please consult with an appropriate advisor in the department of interest about your potential enrollment. Other procedures and necessary documents for application are the same as those for general admissions.

□ The Advanced Placement Program
An Advanced Placement Program is available for students majoring in Life Sciences or Regenerative Medicine and Biofunction at the Graduate School of Medical Sciences.

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